Inauguration Of The New Delhi Parliament Building By PM Narendra Modi India

by | Jun 3, 2023 | Latest News

Inauguration Of The New Delhi Parliament Building By PM Narendra Modi India

The new parliament building in India was opened by the prime minister despite a boycott by at least 20 opposition parties.

On Sansad Marg in New Delhi, work is being done to build the country’s new parliament building. The structure is a component of the enormous Central Vista Redevelopment Project of the Indian government, which intends to rehabilitate Kartvyapath in the heart of Delhi between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate.

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) awarded Tata Projects Ltd. (TPL) the Rs. 862 crore civil construction contract in September 2020. On October 1, 2020, after a Bhoomi Poojan ceremony, construction on it began.

On May 28, 2023, the new parliament building will be officially dedicated and opened, much before its August 2023 completion date.

The upper and lower parliamentary houses will be located in the sizable, triangular-shaped structure in the center of Delhi. The former circular parliament building, built in 1927 during the colonial era, is just next to it and will soon be turned into a museum.

Design and Place

The project would have a built-up area of roughly 65,000 sq. mt across 4 stories and intends to reflect the aspirations of 136 crore Indians. Four Asiatic lions are mounted back-to-back in a 6.5-meter-tall statue of India’s national crest that was developed by HCP Design Planning and Management.

The new structure is being erected across from the current parliament building, which was designed by British architects Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker and built in 1927.

Narendra Modi, dressed in traditional garb, participated in several prayer rituals during the ceremony, which was heavily symbolic of Hinduism and drew criticism for not being in line with the secular democracy that the structure is meant to uphold.

After the event, Modi tweeted, “May this historic building be a cradle of empowerment.” May it help our magnificent country advance to new heights.

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